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Configuring WingX Pro7 for AvConnect

We’re excited that Hilton Software’s WingX Pro7 now ties your flights directly into your AvConnect account.  This will save you time and more accurately detail every flight that you take.

The set-up is very straightforward:

  1. Create an AvConnect Account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. -or- Associate your existing AvConnect Account
  3. Turn on Logging within WingX
  4. Upload your tracks to AvConnect
  5. Enjoy!
All of the AvConnect options can be found within the WingX “Databases & Subscriptions” button from the home screen:

Create your AvConnect Account

If you don’t yet have an AvConnect account, then click the “AvConnect” option on the left followed by the “Register” button near the top of the page.

We’ll ask you a few short questions to better tailor the account for your needs.  In particular, please tell us if you are an aircraft owner or partner, and the tail numbers for your airplanes. AvConnect offers several aircraft management features that may be useful for you to try out.

Associate your AvConnect Account

If you already have an AvConnect account, then simply attach the account by clicking the “AvConnect” option on the left followed by clicking on the “Associate” button near the top of the page.  Please enter your AvConnect account (your email address) and the account password. Finally, press the “Associate” button on that page to verify your account with AvConnect.

Turn on WingX GPS Logging

Perhaps the most important step is to turn on GPS Logging from the moving map screen. You can turn on the logging whenever you start-up the aircraft or turn it on and leave it on all the time.  WingX Pro7 records your “breadcrumb” track from the GPS source throughout every phase of your flight.

Access the logging functions from the tools menu in the upper-right corner of the moving map screen:

When logging is turned on for your flight, the arrow will turn red as shown below:

Upload your Tracks to AvConnect

Once your flight is complete, you can upload the flight track to AvConnect.  Access the “upload” button from the “Databases and Subscriptions” and the AvConnect button on the left of the screen.  Touch on the  flight track to upload and WingX will transmit the flight track.  You can do this as often as you would like.

Enjoy your Flight Maps and Records!

We hope that you’ll enjoy the automatic flight records and the Google Earth maps that you’ll get from AvConnect.  Please visit our support site to learn more about using the AvConnect logbook features.

A recent 3D map using a Spidertracks with AvConnect

3D Map Automatically Generated

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