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Tax Accounting Made Easy for Aircraft Used in Business

November 6, 2013

We have the great fortune to own a small single engine airplane that we use to visit customers, service centers and partners within about a 600 mile radius of our office.  The benefits are tremendous; just last week I was able to visit with several companies in three different states – in just two days. Neither driving nor flying commercially would have allowed me to do this.

But with such a high profile business asset/expense comes the requirement to accurately document each flight to satisfy the tax man’s overwhelming curiosity. And collecting all of that information at tax time can be a chore.

Fortunately, AvConnect makes the collection and reporting of flight legs, business purpose and passenger purpose super simple.  The system is customizable to fit what I need. Since we fly almost exclusively for business, I have the system automatically categorize each flight as a business trip. And I have it list me as a passenger since I’m the only pilot.  The system can even auto enter all of this from the ATC system when I fly IFR and complete a flight.

If I need to add passengers or change the purpose of the flight, then I can do this right from the plane with our iPad app. I can quickly cross check the hobbs meeter and enter any approach information for my logbook. Any data I enter automatically synchronizes and immediately updates my AvConnect account.

With tax season here, any break I can get to make the task more efficient, I’ll take it. I use AvConnect to generate my annual tax report in excel format for my accountant to get a head start – without the usual fire drill from years past.

AvConnect’s Aircraft Manager Lite system starts at just $24.99/month for single pilot accounts, which includes a professional electronic logbook. Subscribe between now and November 30, 2013 and get the passenger and tax reporting features included at no extra cost.  Log in or create a new account to get started.

iPad-Flight-Display-H iPad-Pax-Entry-H Sample-Report

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