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New Features Update for Pro Logbook and Aircraft Manager Accounts

November 28, 2012

If you have taken a look at your flight summary page lately, you’ve probably noticed some new stand-out features. When you open a flight, you’ll now see a Google map with pins at your departure and arrival airport. This map isn’t a track of your flight, but a quick point A to point B view. In addition, there are some new fields and links on the summary page. You now have the option to open your G1000 datalog from this page as well as your Google Earth flight track. Your Google Earth flight track can be received through SpiderTracks, WingX, or your G1000 SD card.

Let us know if you have any questions. And any and all feedback is always welcome. Happy Holidays to all our AvConnect customers!

When you click on the Tracking Data link, your actual flight track now pops up in a browser window. Rather than having to download the Google Earth file, find it on your computer, and open it, it’s right there for you.

If you’re a WingX Pro and AvConnect Logbook user, this feature is available to you through your logbook page by clicking the link under View Track.

The ability to view your flight tracks in 3-D is still available, at the top left of your browser map, there is a link to download the track with Google Earth.

These updates are designed to make navigating between flights, maps, and datalogs more efficient.

Happy Flying,
The AvConnect Team

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