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AvConnect Benefits Collegiate Training Fleets

September 11, 2012

Here at AvConnect®, we not only provide flight analysis and data-logging to individual aircraft owners and operators, but also to entire training fleets. AvConnect and CAPACG have together created a cloud-based Flight Data Analysis tool designed for Garmin G1000 and other integrated flight decks. FlyteAnalytics™, powered by AvConnect, allows every second of every flight to be recorded, stored, and analyzed. The Garmin data-logging feature records 64 parameters every second from engine start to shutdown. Not only is engine information such as Cylinder Head Temps, RPM, and Oil Pressure recorded, but also events including excessive pitch up/down, excessive bank, and G loading, to name a few. For more information on FlyteAnalytics, visit

FlyteAnalytics was recently selected by Kansas State University as their FDM service. It’s perfect for a training environment, and works as a second set of eyes for the instructor. When a flight is complete, the SD card is removed from the G1000 and can be put into the computer during the debrief. This allows the instructor and student to immediately view all of the flight data and information, as well as a Google map of the flight, in turn improving flight safety and training efficiency. The information for each flight is automatically loaded into the system, and will never get lost in the cloud. Also, students will each have their own logbook account, where their flight times will automatically log.

Not only does FlyteAnalytics make training more efficient, but it plays a huge factor in safety and is a vital part of any SMS program. Having the ability to see fleet trends over time and look at the big picture of what is occurring during these training flights will improve safety of the training program. For example, showing how often excessive pitch down has been occurring or how many times the aircraft has been flown on low fuel. Being able to pinpoint what is occurring regularly on these flights also allows maintenance issues to be quickly detected; again, improving safety.

AvConnect and CAPACG came together while working on a project analyzing G1000 flight data for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. The project was completed this past February, and proved the value of a cloud-based Flight Data Analysis tool for training fleets. This Fleet Aggregate Summary, taken from the ERAU analysis project, is one of the many things that FlyteAnalytics provides to training programs. The summary classifies each event as high, medium, or low risk and provides a monthly count of each event and the average exceedence and duration.

FlyteAnalytics provides a fleet overview with graphs and numbers on the frequency of various events, showing overall safety and potential weak areas in training. As you can see above, our study found excessive pitch down to be the most common event with this fleet of aircraft.


A summary of fleet health and maintenance is also included in the monthly report. With similar look and feel as the FDM summary, it gives an overall view of the fleets condition.

The Aircraft Health and Maintenance report can predict possible maintenance issues before they occur.


A more detailed report for each individual aircraft gives a breakdown of the month’s events and frequency of each.

Monthly individual aircraft detailed report.

The advancement of technology in the aviation industry allows an easy and more accurate approach when it comes to safety and managing aircraft. FlyteAnalytics is currently available to analyze data for Cessna 172/182/206, Diamond DA40/42, Cirrus SR20/22, and Piper single/multi-engine aircraft. Contact us for more information and check out the press release on Kansas State University here.

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