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WiFi Link to Your Aspen Panel

August 5, 2011
Connected Panel

At Oshkosh, Aspen Avionics announced their new Connected Panel system – a great new way to interact with your aircraft’s avionics through mobile devices like the iPad. The value to the PIC is tremendous: first, cockpit intensive events like flight re-route planning can happen right on the iPad where you have the most data available (think weather briefings, NOTAMs, fuel prices, airport information, sectionals. wind data – all using finger swipes). Revisions to the flight plan are then sent wirelessly to the MFD for PIC approval before loading into the certified navigation systems like the KNS770.

But equally as important is retrieving all of the great airframe and powerplant data that your panel collects for you during the flight. We call this “datalogging.”

AvConnect has announced that will will wirelessly download all of your datalog information – directly from the Aspen Connected Panel – and then send it up to your AvConnect account.  From there, we’ll process all of your flights for you and eventually even provide valuable trending and diagnostics data for your aircraft.

The combination offers another great workload reduction benefit for the PIC.  Your aircraft times and pilot logbooks will be updated automatically after each flight with no manual data entry – keeping your maintenance inspection list and pilot currency reminders current at all times. And any aircraft or engine issues that you suspect during a flight will be documented second by second for your service center to view from the comfort of their office (with your permission!).

Of course, we’ll also send you our signature Google Earth 3D map after each flight for you to show off 🙂

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