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Using your Spider with AvConnect

December 22, 2010

 We recently announced our partnership and reseller agreement with spidertracks – the leading satellite based tracking system for GA aircraft.  Our goal was clear: we wanted to make it even easier to log aircraft and pilot records without having to do any data entry.

Using your “spider” is as easy as plugging it into a power source or battery pack and then going to fly.  We’ll take care of grabbing all of your tracking data and creating aircraft and pilot flight entries – including updating your currencies and hobbs times. The unit is very reliable and uses the iridium network to send position reports back to AvConnect. Some of the other solutions out there use a different network which does not work well in mountain areas or in some parts of the globe.  That was a big reason that we chose spidertracks.

Unlike using the ATC/FAA data, the AvConnect and spidertracks solution even works for VFR flights, “radar contact lost” flights and international flights.  It also has the added benefit of a keypad “SOS” function which will report your exact location to anyone on your contact list via text message or email.  Unlike even a 406ELT, the Spidertracks GPS receiver is “always on” and has your last position track stored for instant retrieval on their website.  As an example, my family really likes being able to see how the flight is going even when I am landing out of radar contact or after I cancel IFR (don’t tell MossY!)

Once you finish flying, you’ll get an instant email with your 3D flight map – and an instant pop up on your iPad (our app is in Beta test now!).  View the attached screen shots to see how this works.  And, of course, your flight will be recorded for you; your pilot times will be updated and your aircraft’s maintenance times will be adjusted accordingly.

Safe flying – please feel free to comment or ask questions!

A recent 3D map using a Spidertracks with AvConnect

3D Map is Automatically Emailed

An Instant Pop-Up on the iPad

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